More Support to Smilow Cancer Center

Yesterday, we had an incredible start to our day!
We met with many of the breast cancer wellness staff at Smilow to present them with a $25,000 check from PINK to support a new program they will be providing for breast cancer patients called Scalp Cooling System, which at this point is NOT covered by insurance…
*** This is a note I received this morning from Alison Marcinek Senior Development Officer:

“Many, many thanks, once again, for coming in to Smilow to gather with our Breast Center and patient care staff to deliver your generous check for the new Scalp Cooling Program support. We are always so delighted to see you all, there is such great spirit and warmth within your group and it is very infectious.”

To this COMMUNITY who has supported event after event, day after day…this is what your kindness and generosity have allowed us to do in the FIGHT against breast cancer!