Marine Corps Marathon

The 42nd MCM will be held on October 22, 2017.  SEYMOUR PINK has 40 entries for the 2017 marathon.

Follow the link below to learn more about the Marine Corps Marathon and Team Seymour Pink.

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6th Annual Pounding the Pavement for Pink

Sorry but registration is now CLOSED!

Your donations are so important in the FIGHT against breast cancer… please consider making a donation to your favorite 5k’er or 5k Team

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Recent News

I am not alone

Last week towards the end of the pasta dinner – I spoke with one of our fighters. She was about to start her next round of treatment and was feeling down. She was SO thankful to have attended the dinner. She said to me… “I realized today how many other people are with me. I thought I was all alone.” THAT is what your support and donations mean to those that are currently fighting. Please continue to support Seymour Pink so that we can help financially and emotionally support those that have heard the breast cancer...

2017 State of the Union

As a 5013C nonprofit organization, we are required by our by-laws, to have an annual board meeting at which time there is a “State of the Union Address”. The annual address is an opportunity for us to look back at what we have accomplished and to look forward to new ideas and projects which will help us fulfill and support our mission statement. Last night was our annual meeting at which time I gave the address which included some highlights of what we have done. The board felt that some of this would be nice to share with you all here on Facebook and our website.

License Plate Update

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We NEED YOUR help!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In mid-October, we launched a new adventure for Seymour Pink, inc. The first breast cancer license plate here in the State of CT. The state of CT unfortunately is #1 in the nation for most breast cancer cases per year. In launching this project, we felt it would be a way for us to show support to those who have been victimized by this horrific diagnosis and to spread awareness of Seymour Pink and its mission in the FIGHT against breast cancer. The Department of Motor Vehicles here in CT will not cut a new plate until the organization (in this case, Seymour Pink) has collected 400 PAID license plate applications. This is where we NEED YOUR help! To date we have just over 100 PAID applications. You do not have to live in Seymour to support this project. You need to have a vehicle registered or are newly registering here in CT. It can be residential and or commercial; the fees are the same. Below is a link to some info about the application as well as a link to print out a copy of the application. If you need any assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us at…/Pink-vanity-plate-application.… We are setting a tentative deadline of January 15th, 2017 to reach the needed 400 PAID applications. This is such a HUGE endeavor for Seymour Pink, Inc. and the State of CT. **************************PLEASE help us!********************************* Even if you are not personally interested, we would appreciate you helping by spreading the word so that we can reach our needed goal of...

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to unite a community in the fight against breast cancer. Through fundraising efforts, our goal is to fund breast cancer research, provide education and to empower and assist breast cancer victims and their families.

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