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MCM is tomorrow

Tomorrow morning 18 men and women will be running the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC. This photo includes some of these amazing people who have dedicated six months of their lives to training for the MCM and supporting us in the fight against breast cancer. Tomorrow they will run 26.2 miles for HOPE, COURAGE, FIGHT, and finding a CURE. GO TEAM SEYMOUR...

post 6th Annual 5K thoughts

How do you describe, in words, what yesterday was all about? For the last six years I have failed to find the right words to capture the sights, sounds and the emotions of the 5K. I think in the end it’s because words can’t define our 5K event. You can only FEEL yesterday! Our 5K has grown incredibly in the last six years not just in number of participants, but in the amount of support and hope and love this community has for those of our loved ones and friends who have heard those words, “You have breast cancer!” For me personally, there were so many moments that I felt my own mother, who lost her fight to metastatic breast cancer in 1972 at the age of 55, right by my side. I can only believe that that was true for so many people yesterday. For our breast cancer survivors, our HEROES, who came to participate despite the fact that some were in active treatment, YOU INSPIRE US! Nothing deters you! If anything you were more determined to show breast cancer that it was not in charge of your life. We had 128 breast cancer survivors with us yesterday. So many came up to me to share what yesterday meant to them. One woman said, “This is the best medicine for me to beat my breast cancer! I know I can fight this and win because I see so many people here supporting me in the fight!” For each of us the 5K means something different BUT one thing is the SAME…We FIGHT together and we WIN together! Please...

Sometimes I have to pinch myself

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask is this real? The support that you give, that this community gives, (and by community I mean the community of hope, the community of giving) overwhelms me! So many organizations, so many individuals support us in the fight against breast cancer. Just recently Seymour United Methodist Church had a fundraiser and donated profits to us. We received a check for $600 from them! Is that not amazing! I just recently found out that Chase School in Waterbury Ct. is planning to have a Pink day and has chosen Seymour Pink as the recipient of the monies they raise! Options Hair salon in Shelton Connecticut is doing a fundraiser for us…they are doing pink extensions or pink died streaks for the month of October and the monies raised will come to us! The high school sport teams; boys soccer, girls softball, girls swim, girls volleyball and Seymour Pop Warner continue to support us each year by having Pink games for us. These are just a few of the businesses, organizations and individuals who believe in the fight and who continue to support us. Please know that with your support, with your encouragement with your energies, Seymour Pink continues to fund research, fund education and financially assist those victimized by the breast cancer diagnosis. Perhaps you saw on Facebook just recently we were able to donate $25,000 to Smilow for a program of treatment that will help women combat hair loss during chemo therapy treatments! At this past September board meeting. we voted to grant $14,000 in financial assistance to those applying during...

More Support to Smilow Cancer Center

Yesterday, we had an incredible start to our day! We met with many of the breast cancer wellness staff at Smilow to present them with a $25,000 check from PINK to support a new program they will be providing for breast cancer patients called Scalp Cooling System, which at this point is NOT covered by insurance… *** This is a note I received this morning from Alison Marcinek Senior Development Officer: “Many, many thanks, once again, for coming in to Smilow to gather with our Breast Center and patient care staff to deliver your generous check for the new Scalp Cooling Program support. We are always so delighted to see you all, there is such great spirit and warmth within your group and it is very infectious.” To this COMMUNITY who has supported event after event, day after day…this is what your kindness and generosity have allowed us to do in the FIGHT against breast...

Golf Tournament photo gallery

Many Thanks to Jim Garman taking such awesome pictures at our Golf Tournament again. Jim works at Sports Page Magazine and has set a gallery here… LINK to 2017 Seymour Pink Golf Tournament Gallery  ...

I am not alone

Last week towards the end of the pasta dinner – I spoke with one of our fighters. She was about to start her next round of treatment and was feeling down. She was SO thankful to have attended the dinner. She said to me… “I realized today how many other people are with me. I thought I was all alone.” THAT is what your support and donations mean to those that are currently fighting. Please continue to support Seymour Pink so that we can help financially and emotionally support those that have heard the breast cancer...

2017 State of the Union

As a 5013C nonprofit organization, we are required by our by-laws, to have an annual board meeting at which time there is a “State of the Union Address”. The annual address is an opportunity for us to look back at what we have accomplished and to look forward to new ideas and projects which will help us fulfill and support our mission statement. Last night was our annual meeting at which time I gave the address which included some highlights of what we have done. The board felt that some of this would be nice to share with you all here on Facebook and our website.

License Plate Update

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We NEED YOUR help!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In mid-October, we launched a new adventure for Seymour Pink, inc. The first breast cancer license plate here in the State of CT. The state of CT unfortunately is #1 in the nation for most breast cancer cases per year. In launching this project, we felt it would be a way for us to show support to those who have been victimized by this horrific diagnosis and to spread awareness of Seymour Pink and its mission in the FIGHT against breast cancer. The Department of Motor Vehicles here in CT will not cut a new plate until the organization (in this case, Seymour Pink) has collected 400 PAID license plate applications. This is where we NEED YOUR help! To date we have just over 100 PAID applications. You do not have to live in Seymour to support this project. You need to have a vehicle registered or are newly registering here in CT. It can be residential and or commercial; the fees are the same. Below is a link to some info about the application as well as a link to print out a copy of the application. If you need any assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us at…/Pink-vanity-plate-application.… We are setting a tentative deadline of January 15th, 2017 to reach the needed 400 PAID applications. This is such a HUGE endeavor for Seymour Pink, Inc. and the State of CT. **************************PLEASE help us!********************************* Even if you are not personally interested, we would appreciate you helping by spreading the word so that we can reach our needed goal of...

Griffin Hospital Donation

Yesterday, Seymour Pink presented a check for $10,000 to Pat Charmel for Griffin Hospital Development Fund.These monies will support the the ability of Griffin Hospital Hewitt Breast Wellness Center to utilize a less invasive, less caustic option for treating breast cancer called Stereotactic Radiosurgery. It is a “must have” technology for progressive cancer centers. Currently, those patients who are candidates for this treatment are referred to satellite cancer/medical/surgical centers. I want to personally thank Colleen Garofalo, Secretary of Seymour Pink and Christine Vartko, Treasurer of Seymour Pink, for making this presentation happen yesterday! AND thank YOU…ALL who support the FIGHT against breast cancer…your support is and will continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives impacted by this horrific...

Gift Shop Hours

Our Gift Shop has gifts for everyone on your list… apparel, scarves, jewelry, home decor, Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers… you can even gift the gift of HOPE, or order a license plate for your spouse’s car…. Come in and our merry volunteers will help you find something perfect. Special Extended Shopping Hours for last minute gift needs: Mon. Dec. 19 ~ 3am – 7pm Tues. Dec. 20 ~ 11am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm Wed. Dec. 21 ~ 3pm – 7pm Thurs. Dec. 22 ~ 11am – 7pm Regular Store Hours: Tues. Dec. 27th 11am-2pm, Thurs. Dec 29th 4pm-7pm, and Sat. Dec. 31st 9am-3pm. The Gift Shop will be CLOSED for the month of January.  If you need something, please contact Mary Deming at and she will arrange something with...
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