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I am not alone

Last week towards the end of the pasta dinner – I spoke with one of our fighters. She was about to start her next round of treatment and was feeling down. She was SO thankful to have attended the dinner. She said to me… “I realized today how many other people are with me. I thought I was all alone.” THAT is what your support and donations mean to those that are currently fighting. Please continue to support Seymour Pink so that we can help financially and emotionally support those that have heard the breast cancer...

2017 State of the Union

As a 5013C nonprofit organization, we are required by our by-laws, to have an annual board meeting at which time there is a “State of the Union Address”. The annual address is an opportunity for us to look back at what we have accomplished and to look forward to new ideas and projects which will help us fulfill and support our mission statement. Last night was our annual meeting at which time I gave the address which included some highlights of what we have done. The board felt that some of this would be nice to share with you all here on Facebook and our website.

License Plate Update

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We NEED YOUR help!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In mid-October, we launched a new adventure for Seymour Pink, inc. The first breast cancer license plate here in the State of CT. The state of CT unfortunately is #1 in the nation for most breast cancer cases per year. In launching this project, we felt it would be a way for us to show support to those who have been victimized by this horrific diagnosis and to spread awareness of Seymour Pink and its mission in the FIGHT against breast cancer. The Department of Motor Vehicles here in CT will not cut a new plate until the organization (in this case, Seymour Pink) has collected 400 PAID license plate applications. This is where we NEED YOUR help! To date we have just over 100 PAID applications. You do not have to live in Seymour to support this project. You need to have a vehicle registered or are newly registering here in CT. It can be residential and or commercial; the fees are the same. Below is a link to some info about the application as well as a link to print out a copy of the application. If you need any assistance or questions, please feel free to contact us at…/Pink-vanity-plate-application.… We are setting a tentative deadline of January 15th, 2017 to reach the needed 400 PAID applications. This is such a HUGE endeavor for Seymour Pink, Inc. and the State of CT. **************************PLEASE help us!********************************* Even if you are not personally interested, we would appreciate you helping by spreading the word so that we can reach our needed goal of...

Griffin Hospital Donation

Yesterday, Seymour Pink presented a check for $10,000 to Pat Charmel for Griffin Hospital Development Fund.These monies will support the the ability of Griffin Hospital Hewitt Breast Wellness Center to utilize a less invasive, less caustic option for treating breast cancer called Stereotactic Radiosurgery. It is a “must have” technology for progressive cancer centers. Currently, those patients who are candidates for this treatment are referred to satellite cancer/medical/surgical centers. I want to personally thank Colleen Garofalo, Secretary of Seymour Pink and Christine Vartko, Treasurer of Seymour Pink, for making this presentation happen yesterday! AND thank YOU…ALL who support the FIGHT against breast cancer…your support is and will continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives impacted by this horrific...

Gift Shop Hours

Our Gift Shop has gifts for everyone on your list… apparel, scarves, jewelry, home decor, Christmas ornaments, stocking stuffers… you can even gift the gift of HOPE, or order a license plate for your spouse’s car…. Come in and our merry volunteers will help you find something perfect. Special Extended Shopping Hours for last minute gift needs: Mon. Dec. 19 ~ 3am – 7pm Tues. Dec. 20 ~ 11am – 2pm and 4pm – 7pm Wed. Dec. 21 ~ 3pm – 7pm Thurs. Dec. 22 ~ 11am – 7pm Regular Store Hours: Tues. Dec. 27th 11am-2pm, Thurs. Dec 29th 4pm-7pm, and Sat. Dec. 31st 9am-3pm. The Gift Shop will be CLOSED for the month of January.  If you need something, please contact Mary Deming at and she will arrange something with...

December Note from the President

In the spirit of sharing with ALL of you, who have given so much support in so many ways to PINK this year and EVERY year, on December 6th, the Officers and Board members of PINK voted on the distribution of over $55,000 this month to those experiencing financial hardship as a result of their breast cancer diagnosis. Additionally, we were able to grant $10,000 to Griffin Hospital. Hewitt Breast Center for Wellness to support them bringing radio-surgery (cyber-knife) to our community.  This treatment will allow patients of local doctors to have their treatment here at Griffin rather than having to be referred to satellite care/surgical centers. It is HUGE and we are extremely proud to be part of this project. Please know that because of your many acts of kindness and GIVING, YOU have helped lessened the financial burdens of so many men, women and their families this holiday season! THANK YOU and God Bless you!     Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Mary...

Post 5k thoughts

Yesterday 5th Annual POUNDING the PAVEMENT for PINK 5K was extremely emotional for me. I am trying to process the why? Was it the 2400 runners/walkers? Was it reaching and surpassing our goal of raising $60,000 in donations ( Looks more like $66,000 right now) 🙂 <3 Was it the 126 breast cancer survivors that registered and or shared breakfast with us? Was it the 126 PINK corsages donated by the Guillette family in memory of Jeannine Guillette Starnes, taken at the age of 40 from breast cancer, and in HONOR of their niece Tea Fernandez 2 years old, diagnosed with neuroblastoma, fighting the fight of her life? Was the honor guard and the singing of the National Anthem? Was it all of the very generous sponsors? Was it the VOLUNTEERS in their BLUE staff shirts doing everything and anything that needed to be done to make yesterday happen? Was it the PINK CAR being pushed by some pretty incredible town officials making a statement about our COMMUNITY!…Or was it the drone? ( LOL) YES it was a combination of all of those BUT…the biggest reason…was YOU! ALL of YOU who came out and brought with SUNSHINE…SUPPORT…HOPE …LOVE in the FIGHT against this HORRIFIC disease!!!!!!!!!! Although many of us are trying to find the right words to describe something indescribable,YOU and I could FEEL and SEE it yesterday! Your ENERGY made the 5K ROCK! So as shallow as the words may seem, THANK YOU…to the MOON and BACK again! With the deepest GRATITUDE, Mary Deming PS…I think we lived up to our mantra…GO BIG or GO...

Thank You TUTU Project!

Yesterday, Seymour Pink Inc. received news from Linda Carey, a 2-time breast cancer survivor and co-founder of The Carey Foundation, that we are the recipients of a $5000 grant from the Tutu Project of The Carey Foundation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Tutu Project™ is committed to raising funds for breast cancer thrivers, survivors, and their families. We offer laughter, understanding, and real-world support to ease the financial and emotional burdens that come with breast cancer diagnoses. Check out Linda and her husband Bob’s, journey from the darkness of her breast cancer diagnosis to the sunshine they have brought to so many through their photography and their non-profit organization.  Learn more about and/or support the Tutu Project...

Go Big or Go Home!

Save the Date! The 5th annual Pounding the Pavement for Pink will be held on October 1st, 2016.  This year our motto is “Go Big or Go Home!”  We are looking forward to our best year yet! Registration will open at 7am on July 1st.  The link will be available on our website and on our Facebook page. Adults 18+ Ages 6-17 Kids Run (8 and under) Early Bird July 1-31 $25 $15 $10 Registration Aug. 1-31 $30 $20 $15 Late Registration Sept. 1-15 $40 $25 $20 The first 1800 people to register will be guaranteed a 2016 race...

Vote for your favorite charity

The Ion Bank Foundation makes a difference in our community  through the support of a variety of causes by contributing millions of dollars to various non-profit organizations that need our help.  The 7th Annual Community Awards Program can help SEYMOUR PINK earn up to $5,000. The Ion Bank Foundation will donate a proportional share of $50,000 to each local non-profit that receives at least 1% of the total votes. It’s simple – vote for the charity of your choice (SEYMOUR PINK we hope!!)  Voting will take place now through March 31, 2016. One vote per Ion Bank customer. Click here to vote. If you have any questions, please call Ion Bank at 203.729.4442 or toll free 877.729.4442....
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