2017 State of the Union

As a 5013C nonprofit organization, we are required by our by-laws, to have an annual board meeting at which time there is a “State of the Union Address”.  The annual address is an opportunity for us to look back at what we have accomplished and to look forward to new ideas and projects which will help us fulfill and support our mission statement.  Last night was our annual meeting at which time I gave the address which included some highlights of what we have done.  The board felt that some of this would be nice to share with you all here on Facebook and our website.

So just a few points that might be interesting to you all and of course all of this is a result of your incredible support of Seymour Pink!

-in seven years we have raised $1,395,000.

-in 2016 we raised $369,844

-in 2016 $164,963 was granted to those who found themselves in financial need as a result of the breast cancer diagnosis; a total of 116 men and women and their families

-of the almost $400,000 that was raise this year, $57,000 came from local businesses, community and school groups and from individuals making donations, independent of our own fundraising

-In May of 2016, 4 graduating seniors from local high schools each received $1000 scholarship in memory of Theodosia K. McEnerney, (my Mom) pursuing a college education. This year we will award up to 4 more scholarships but have increased each scholarship to $2000.

-We donated $10,000 to Griffin Hospital in order to bring radiosurgery to Griffin.

-During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season we gave to all patients TD BANK gift cards in the amount of $100-$250. a surprise to all 116 men and women we had financially assisted in 2016.

-We delivered over 100 comfort baskets this year to those on the breast cancer treatment road.

These are just some of the highlights of what we were able to accomplish this year..Again thanks to the incredible support of this community!