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Each year, Seymour Pink gathers the community for our annual Wine Tasting. The 7th Annual Wine Tasting Event will be held on Friday March 10, 2017.
Due to the enormous support and the contributions of our loyal attendees, we are hosting the celebration at The Waterview in Monroe, CT.

Please understand that this is not a typical wine tasting. The Banners that are hung around the town of Seymour are carefully displayed throughout the Waterview on that evening so that our loved ones are with us during the event. It is truly a night during which we share the love among all those who attend, those whom we have lost, and those brave friends and families who are currently battling breast cancer. It is a very special evening!

For our Wine Tasting Gala this year, we will be using both floors at the Waterview.  We have added several tastings of beer as well as wine this year. We have upped our food choices, too!  We will also offer a complimentary Photo Booth for our guests, courtesy of JMG Music and Entertainment.

As always, we will have some of the best raffle prizes ever!  We will also have a live auction featuring some very special items!


When registering for the 8th Annual Seymour Pink Wine Tasting, please follow these guidelines:

To better serve our guests, we will try to seat 12 guests at each table.

To register a for a full table of 12, pick someone as the “table captain.” The Captain will follow prompts to register the group.  If name(s) are not known at the time of registration, a placeholder will be needed. Use the name “Guest 1” as the first name and for the last name use the Captain’s last name. Use Guest 2, Guest 3, etc. as needed.  Example: ‘Guest 1 Deming’ will be seated at the Deming table.

In an effort to save time as guests are entering the ballroom on the night of the Wine Tasting, please have these guest’s names submitted to tginsburg@seymourpink.com by March 3rd.

If you are not registering for a full table, follow the prompts to register those in your group.  Please note that smaller groups will be seated with others to comprise a table of 12.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact: melogiudice@seymourpink.com or tginsburg@seymourpink.com.  As always, thank you for your support.


Tickets for our 2017 event
will go on sale Feb. 18th!




8th Annual Wine Gala Sponsors

If you are interested in being a sponsor for the 8th Annual Wine Tasting Gala – please contact Mary Ellen LoGiudice  at MELoGiudice@seymourpink.com.


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Many thanks to our 2017 Wine Gala Sponsors:

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