Sometimes I have to pinch myself

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask is this real? The support that you give, that this community gives, (and by community I mean the community of hope, the community of giving) overwhelms me!
So many organizations, so many individuals support us in the fight against breast cancer.

Just recently Seymour United Methodist Church had a fundraiser and donated profits to us. We received a check for $600 from them! Is that not amazing!

I just recently found out that Chase School in Waterbury Ct. is planning to have a Pink day and has chosen Seymour Pink as the recipient of the monies they raise!
Options Hair salon in Shelton Connecticut is doing a fundraiser for us…they are doing pink extensions or pink died streaks for the month of October and the monies raised will come to us!

The high school sport teams; boys soccer, girls softball, girls swim, girls volleyball and Seymour Pop Warner continue to support us each year by having Pink games for us.

These are just a few of the businesses, organizations and individuals who believe in the fight and who continue to support us.

Please know that with your support, with your encouragement with your energies, Seymour Pink continues to fund research, fund education and financially assist those victimized by the breast cancer diagnosis.

Perhaps you saw on Facebook just recently we were able to donate $25,000 to Smilow for a program of treatment that will help women combat hair loss during chemo therapy treatments!

At this past September board meeting. we voted to grant $14,000 in financial assistance to those applying during the month of August. I think that is one of the areas that gives the board the greatest sense of purpose …knowing that individuals in our local community dealing with the impact of the breast cancer diagnosis see some relief in paying their bills!

So this post is random and yet it’s not. I personally want to thank each and everyone of you who give of your time, of your energies, and of your monies to help us in the fight against breast cancer!
This truly is a remarkable community!

Feeling full of gratitude….God bless all of you,

Mary Deming