43rd Marine Corps Marathon Charity Partner

Once again Seymour Pink, Inc is honored and humbled to be a Charity Partner for the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC on October 28th 2018.

As a Charity partner we have 50 race entries to offer to the first 50 runners/marathoners who wish to run in this marathon. “The People’s Marathon” on our team in the FIGHT against breast cancer…

The 43rd Marine Corps Marathon will be run on October 28, 2018.

Come join Team Seymour Pink and avoid the stress of waiting to see if you get into the MCM through their lottery.

By joining Team Seymour Pink and raising a minimum of $500 in fundraising you are guaranteed a spot on our team and registration in the 43rd Marine Corps Marathon.
More information is at our registration site, the link to join is below: