2018 A Pink Night To Remember

Try to explain, to capture the essence of last night. It’s an impossible task because there were so many emotions, so much energy in the room that each of us experienced at different levels.
So I would just give my reflection of what last night meant through my eyes.

HOPE! it was all about hope.

What is Hope? For me, it is the belief that despite the darkness of circumstances that may surround you, the light will shine again and darkness will be gone.
It is a trust! Trust in yourself, trust in your friends, trust in your family, trust in a community, trust in a greater power than self!

HOPE could be seen and felt last night at our Pink Night to Remember!
It was the smiles on the faces of those who, despite being in the midst of their barbaric breast cancer treatment, were feeling the love and support in the room. It was the smiles on the faces of the their loved ones as they watched them having fun, socializing, bonding with fellow BC “sistas”.
It was, once again, the the depth our community, united in the Fight against breast cancer, showed last night.

HOPE is so powerful! HOPE is therapeutic; it has a healing impact. Many felt that healing!

Last night was a night of HOPE , a night filled with the feeling that despite the darkness of the Breast cancer diagnosis, there is LIGHT. It was palpable, you could feel it!
It truly was “A Pink Night to Remember”!

And each and everyone of you made last night happen through your volunteering through your sponsorship, through your donating raffles and through your presence. Each and EVERYONE of you brought HOPE to those experiencing the darkness of their breast cancer diagnosis!

With unending gratitude for all,
Mary Deming.